Complex additive for concrete and mortars, including heated floors, hardening accelerator, plasticizer with antifreeze effect down to -5ºС.
Canister, 5 l
5 l
Article: 44004

Increases plasticity
Reduces shrinkage deformation
Increases density, uniformity and strength
Reduces water separation and delamination
Increases frost resistance up to F200
Reduces or completely eliminates the formation of efflorescence
SANFIX plasticizer is a ready-to-use aqueous composition based on complex salts and organosilicon compounds. It has no irritating odor and has no harmful effects on humans and the environment. Approved for use and operation by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the production of concrete and mortars for interior and exterior work at the facilities of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, for civil and industrial construction.

Recommended for use in the following materials:
1. Concrete floors
2. Floor screeds, including semi-dry ones
3. Heated floor screed
4. Ready-mix concrete and mortar mixtures
5. Vibro-cast and vibro-pressed products (paving and facing slabs, curb stones, etc.)
6. Fiber-reinforced concrete
7. Unmodified dry cement-sand mixtures (M-150, M-200, M-300)
The additive is introduced directly into the concrete mixture or mixed with mixing water.
Before use, the additive is shaken in its original packaging and introduced directly into the concrete or mortar mixture or mixed with mixing water in the following ratio:
- at temperatures from +35°С to -5°С - 1.0 (one) liter per 100 kg of cement.

It is recommended to reduce the amount of mixing water by 8-12% and additionally by the amount of added additive.


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