Уплотнительная паста
70 ml
1 l
Article: 40715

Universal sealing paste SANFIX (graphite) is a highly viscous
gray substance that contains mineral oil and fillers,
emulsifiers, water, as well as a preservative and corrosion inhibitor.
All components of the paste are approved for use in food
production and industry.
(graphite) 70ml
Tightness of connections
High temperature resistance
Ease of use
Eco-friendly composition
SANFIX sealing paste provides sealing of threaded connections of various types of plumbing and water pipes, including those with drinking water. It is used in conjunction with flax fibers/thread in water supply and heating systems with operating temperatures up to +140C. The substance does not affect the quality of the working environment in the pipeline; the resulting connection withstands vibrations.
The use of SANFIX paste to seal threaded connections ensures their complete tightness, while maintaining the ability to adjust the pipe joints. The angle of rotation of the threaded connection can be changed up to 30° without compromising the tightness.
Application of paste in combination with flax fibers ensures easy dismantling of the joint even after prolonged use. The substance protects the wound flax from fading, rotting and decomposition, preventing its oxidation. As a result, the connection is not only sealed, but also protected from corrosion. The mineral additives contained in the paste prevent the appearance and development of rust.
SANFIX paste is used together with flax or flax thread. The place of the threaded connection is pre-prepared and cleaned of dirt and foreign inclusions. The use of SANFIX universal cleaner is recommended. Flax fibers must be wound tightly onto the threads, maintaining uniformity of winding and direction towards the pitch. The area must be covered along the entire length of the notches. The paste is applied to the flax in an even layer, after which the joint is assembled. Excess flax and paste are removed mechanically, and any substance that gets on the pipe or hands is washed off with water.
The pipeline can be used directly after assembly.


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