(graphite) 70 ml + 15g (flax)
Универсальная паста
Tightness of connections
Resistance to high temperatures up to +140C
Resistance to infection in aggressive environments
The body is made in the form of a tape measure
Safe composition
A set consisting of universal sealing paste SANFIX and flax
is a ready-made solution for sealing threaded connections.
It is used on pipelines of various types and purposes.
SANFIX sealing paste is a highly viscous, graphite-colored substance.
Sanitary linen is a natural flax fiber, homogeneous, cleaned, combed material.

Not afraid of vibrations
Article: 40714

Universal sealing paste SANFIX is used together with flax to seal threaded connections on pipelines for various purposes, including water supply and heating systems. Flax applied to pipes and impregnated with SANFIX paste does not change the quality of the working medium moved through the pipeline; the completed connection withstands vibrations.
The use of SANFIX paste together with flax fiber to seal threaded connections in pipeline sections ensures complete tightness, while maintaining the ability to adjust the pipe joints. With the applied composition, you can change the angle of rotation of the threaded joint up to 30° while maintaining tightness.
When using this kit at the connection points, the pipeline will still be easy to disassemble even after prolonged use. SANFIX paste reliably protects flax from rotting, fading, and oxidation. Linen winding coated with paste guarantees tightness of the joints and protection against corrosion. Thanks to the presence of mineral additives and natural ingredients, rust is prevented.
The threaded connection of the pipeline is cleaned of contamination. The use of SANFIX universal cleaner is recommended. The flax fiber is laid along the thread in the direction of the pitch, ensuring uniform winding. After covering the area with flax, paste is applied along the length of the notches. The composition is distributed in an even layer, then the connection is assembled. Excess materials are removed mechanically, where the paste gets on the pipe or on your hands, it is washed off with water.
Once assembly is complete, the pipeline is ready for use.

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