SANFIX universal cleaner is a product for quickly and effectively cleaning dirt and lubricant residues from the surfaces of metal products and tools. The aerosol form ensures uniform distribution of the product on the surface.
650 ml, aerosol
Универсальный очиститель
650 ml
Evaporates quickly
Powerful, targeted spray
Leaves no marks or streaks
No pungent odor
952 ₽
Article: 40719

SANFIX universal cleaner is designed for effective cleaning and degreasing of metal parts, tools, and metal threads. It is used in industrial, household and automotive areas. It can be used as a means to clean heated parts before painting, to remove corrosion, rust, chips and other surface defects.
The product is used in workshops and studios, cleaning various tools: soldering irons, hammers, molds, knives. The applied aerosol quickly evaporates, leaving no streaks or marks.
• Before using the product, shake the can well.
• SANFIX cleaner is sprayed from a distance of 20-25 cm.
• A small amount of cleaner is applied to the surface that needs cleaning.
• Wait a few seconds for the composition to penetrate into the dirt.
• Dry or wipe the part.
• In case of heavy contamination, the cleaning process is repeated.


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