Tightness of connections
High temperature resistance
Ease of use
Eco-friendly composition
SANFIX linen plumbing thread is a material designed for sealing threaded connections of pipes and fittings to prevent leakage. This is a natural, purified product obtained from thin, combed flax, homogeneous in structure. Thanks to high-quality cleaning, the material does not produce waste during use, does not twist or get knocked down.
55m, 40g
Нить сантехническая льняная
Article: 40849

Linen thread is made from flax fiber. Special processing makes it more flexible and resistant to external influences than fiber. The material is wound into a ready-made roll, which simplifies its use.
Plumbing flax thread is designed to create a sealing gasket between connecting pipeline elements and fittings, which prevents leakage. The material is mainly used in the installation of water supply systems, including drinking water, gas and steam. Recommended for use in conjunction with SANFIX sealing paste.
The thread winding area is cleaned of dirt and corrosion. The use of SANFIX universal cleaner is recommended. The linen thread is wound onto the thread with an even and tight fit along the entire length in the direction of the pitch.
After winding is completed, the flax is lubricated with sealing paste, and the unit is assembled. The use of SANFIX sealing paste is recommended. The pipeline is ready for use immediately after assembly.

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