For gas and water. Universal thread for sealing threaded connections (nylon + sealing paste) SANFIX – nylon thread impregnated with sealing paste, universal sealant for threaded connections. Provides reliable installation of metal and polymer fittings.

for sealing threaded connections
(nylon + sealing paste), 20m in blister
Нить универсальная
50 m
20 m
Tightness of connections
The body is made in the form of a tape measure
Resistance to infection in aggressive environments
Safe composition
Not afraid of vibrations
Resistance to high temperatures up to +140C
Article: 41503

SANFIX thread is intended for sealing and sealing joints of pipelines with a diameter of 3/8-2” made of metal and polymer. Suitable for use in heating systems, drinking and technical water supply, compressed air. The temperature of the working environment in the system, the connections of which are sealed with thread, can be up to +120C.
The seal formed by the thread is insensitive to temperature changes and vibration loads. The connection formed can be adjusted without changing the thread.
• Before using the thread, the threads are cleaned of dirt and rust. The use of SANFIX universal cleaner is recommended.
• The thread is wound from the beginning of the thread clockwise with tension.
• The first turn of the thread is secured by overlapping the subsequent ones. When winding, the thread must fall under the screw-on fitting from the first turns, which prevents its displacement.
• The amount of thread for winding is determined by the diameter of the threaded connection, its length, and the quality of the thread.
When the system is put into operation, pressure testing is carried out with water or air, with a pressure exceeding the operating pressure by 1.5-2 times.

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