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Сантехнический лен
Tightness of connections
High temperature resistance
Ease of use
Eco-friendly composition
Sanitary flax SANFIX is a natural, purified product obtained from thin, combed flax, homogeneous in structure. Thanks to high-quality cleaning, the material does not produce waste during use, does not twist or get knocked down.
Long fibers guarantee convenient winding of the material when sealing joints on pipelines of any diameter.
Treatment with special compounds prevents its rotting, fragility, and the appearance of insects and rodents; these factors are important during the operation and storage of flax fiber.

Article: 40731

Complies with GOST 53549-2009
Flax fibers are used in conjunction with SANFIX sealing pastes, providing sealing of threaded connections in pipelines of various types and purposes. Several flax fibers joined together form a flax thread, allowing for convenient and economical winding.
The connection is cleared of contaminants. The use of SANFIX universal cleaner is recommended. The fiber strand is evenly wound onto the thread in the screwing direction. After winding, sealing paste is applied. Recommended for use with SANFIX sealing paste. The threaded connection is being assembled.
The pipeline can be used immediately after assembly.

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