dismountable, for pipes of 1" up to 3", 250 ml
Анаэробный герметик
Tightness of connection
Resistance to aggressive environments
Possibility of use in gas supply
Safe composition
Quick knot fixation
Anaerobic sealant SANFIX is a liquid polymer substance used for compaction and sealing of metal threaded connections. Once in a narrow airless space, upon contact with metal, the material polymerizes (hardens), completely covering the available free space inside the assembly.
250 ml
1 600 ₽
Article: 40751

Push-pull cap, thin tip
Chemical basis:
Operating temperature range:
Max. gap:
Max. thread diameter:
Twist strength:
from - 50 to + 150
0,5 mm
Average functional curing time:

Average time to complete curing:
from 1 to 3 hours
<60 seconds
from 3 to 5 minutes
from 4 to 8 minutes
from 15 to 30 minutes
from 20 to 35 minutes
from 8 to 12 hours
Fixation time after application:
Stainless steel
Cink Steel
Anaerobic sealant SANFIX is intended for sealing metal threaded connections, including filling existing micro-irregularities on the surface of the thread. After application, the mechanical impact is distributed evenly throughout the entire assembly. The composition ensures tight connections in pipelines with water, gas, oils and petroleum products. The threaded connection receives additional protection against corrosion. Anaerobic sealant (yellow) is recommended for pipes of 1".
Anaerobic sealant replaces flax fibers and PTFE tapes and is used for installing and fixing metal connections with a threaded profile (not suitable for zinc, aluminum, cadmium, and silver assemblies). The composition increases resistance to vibrations and can withstand increased pressure. Anaerobic sealant SANFIX is recommended for use in water supply systems, including drinking water, heating networks, and gas pipelines. The material is used in the production of pumping equipment, used for sealing welds and locking threads.
After curing, the sealant becomes resistant to chemicals, which makes it a popular material for sealing components in aggressive environments.
Dismantling is carried out mechanically, without heating.
Areas of application for SANFIX anaerobic sealants
The surface of the threaded connection is cleaned of dirt and rust, degreased and dried. The use of SANFIX universal cleaner is recommended.
The composition is applied between the first and third metal threads of external/internal pipes/fittings by rotating them 360 degrees. After application, the connection is assembled. Excess sealant is removed with a rag. If it is necessary to disassemble the unit, its parts heat up, dismantling is carried out with hand tools.

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