Polypropylene fiber is made from natural granules of homopolypropylene to improve the physical and mechanical properties of mortars, dry construction mixtures, foam concrete, aerated concrete, expanded polystyrene concrete, reinforced concrete products and structures, ready-mixed concrete.
Packaging 900 g, fiber length 12 mm
Фибра полипропиленовая
900 g
Article: 44005
Significantly increase durability
Effective secondary reinforcement of concrete
Increases impact resistance
Reduces cracks from plastic shrinkage by up to 90%
Resistance to cyclic effects of freezing/thawing,
Fire resistance and fire safety
The products are used to improve the manufacturability of concrete work for heavy and light concrete, the binder for the preparation of which is cement based on Portland cement clinker, namely: reducing microplastic shrinkage and cracking during concrete hardening, water-retaining properties, improving pumpability, and air-entraining (for lightweight concrete) properties. When mixing mortar with fiber, volumetric-spatial reinforcement of the mixture is carried out, preventing the formation and development of internal defects in concrete, improving its quality indicators.
  • add fiber to the finished concrete, mortar and mix for 3-5 minutes;
  • the fiber is mixed with the dry ingredients during the preparation of the solution and stirred to distribute the fibers evenly.

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